Sunday, March 8, 2009

Great Gran & Weekend Fun

Katelynn always enjoys spending time with Great Gran. They played the piano together (the pictures are from Saturday) and had a great time!

After playing the piano, Katelynn played a new cowboy hat game of peek-a-boo with Great Gran and cousin Andrew. They really enjoyed it!

Katelynn also played hide and go seek, here she is crawling out of the closet! :)

While we were getting ready for a playdate yesterday afternoon, Katelynn was running around the house while I chased her with her coat. Jason picked her up and as we were putting her arms in the sleeve of the coat she shakes her head and says "don't want to!" And, if that wasn't enough enjoyment for one day, at dinner, Katelynn was smiling for pictures and saying "cheese!"

Our adorable family!

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