Saturday, September 26, 2009

A Weekend in DeKalb

Katelynn finally got to experience DeKalb. Our weekend started by traveling to visit Maggie and her new house in North Aurora. Her house is beautiful and we look forward to many more trips to visit her and go shopping in our favorite city!

However, Maggie may not want us to come back, as Katelynn figured out how to climb out of the pack 'n play and run around Maggie's house like a screaming banshee! This happened all night long!! ALL NIGHT. Oh dear. Sorry Mags! We really had a great time, though!

Saturday morning, we played in Maggie's back yard and then we were off to DeKalb for the annual Billips Invitational Golf Tournament. Jason enjoyed an afternoon of golfing with the Corey, Peyton and Jaxon, while we played with Becky and Bethany. I also gave Katelynn the tour of my old stompin' grounds. You'll notice how excited she was about it! ♥

We finished our trip with a stop in Madison to visit Jeannette, Jason's cousin from Topeka who is a freshman at Madison. We had lunch together and look forward to visiting with her again soon. It was a lot of fun! ♥

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Watch Out!

If you only could have seen us on Saturday...Ann, Katelynn and me at Elegant Occasions in Wausau. It was a sight to behold! My best friend invited us for wedding dress shopping, and how could we resist?!!!

We had sooo much fun. Katelynn loved every minute of it...running through the store, flipping through the dresses, picking out shoes, watching Ann model the dresses! Oh, so much fun!

Here are some of our pictures from the day...the best day of Katelynn's life. No Doubt! ♥ I mean, really...a day in heaven with two princesses??? Lucky little girl!

Thanks for a great day, Ann! I can't wait for 12.31.10! ♥

Labor Day Weekend

I think it's time to re-name Labor Day weekend as annual Grammy & Grandpa visit! Katelynn had the most fun playing with Grammy and Grandpa from Thursday through Monday. We are so glad they came to visit.

On Thursday, it was our last night of racing at Kaukauna, so Jason and his dad went to the races, while Grammy stayed with Katelynn until I got home from work. Grammy loved her one-on-one time with Katelynn! ♥

Katelynn had dinner with me and her Grandma's. Then it was off to the track for me, while the Grandma's (Gran and Grammy) took her home for a bath and then off to bed.

On Friday, we had to work, but Grammy and Grandpa had a big shopping adventure that included the purchase of Katelynn's first trike, soon to be followed with a shiny new Dora helmet and elbow pads!

Saturday morning, we went for a beautiful boat ride, taking advantage of the warm sunny day, on the Fox River. We cruised north to Green Bay and then headed back to DePere. Saturday afternoon was spent playing around the house until dinner at my parents house.

On Sunday, it was off to the races again for Jason and Mr. Shultz, while the girls enjoyed a relaxing day at the house. Katelynn loves to keep us entertained! We enjoyed a wonderful time together and dinner at Olive Garden! ♥

Monday came way too soon, and before we knew it Grammy and Grandpa were headed back to Kansas City. But not before some yummy French Toast!