Sunday, June 27, 2010

May 2010

Story time with Mom before a nap.
Fun in the sun!
Having fun at the park ♥
Even Daddy had fun!
Katelynn was sad to see her boat go bye bye! She was quite happy playing on it before it sold, though.
Katelynn loves her Grandpa. She would rather be with him than anyone else! Especially if they are doing something fun like cutting the grass!
I was gone to Houston for a long weekend to participate in the Donald Driver Foundation golf tournament and pool classic. Katelynn Skyped with me while I was gone!
So in love with Donald Driver! ♥
Really in love with Aaron Rodgers ♥♥♥
Katelynn loves to brush her teeth!
Enjoying Mother's Day dinner at El Jaripeo, our fave Mexican restaurant.
"Swing! Swing!"
We even went to our neighbor's salon to get a practice hairdo for the wedding. Katelynn loved the extra curls in her hair and of course, the crown!
Katelynn was so excited to finally get her flower girl dress. She hated leaving the dress behind so it could be altered.
Katelynn loves to help. We thought an afternoon of making chocolate covered pretzels would be fun. Katelynn loved the sprinkles, and I think I am still finding them under the cabinets.
Spring is a busy time of year for Jason, as he has lots of autograph cards to design and lots of pictures to take. Katelynn loves race cars and accompanies Jason on some of his adventures.

Helping Grandpa drive the crane and building Grandpa's new garage!
We are going to have a new neighbor! We are so sad to lose the empty lot next to us. Soon, we'll no longer be the first house on the right. Katelynn talks about "the mess" all the time.
Our first visit to Chuck E Cheese! Katelynn and I went for lunch after church with Aunt Jamie, Cherie & Chris and Will. We had a lot of fun playing games and eating pizza.