Friday, January 30, 2009

Katelynn's 1st Birthday

Katelynn's 1st Birthday was such a wonderful celebration of her first year. We started the morning with pictures at The Picture People. It certainly doesn't compare to Cousin Jennifer, but sometimes we have to settle for it. Katelynn impressed us with taking steps and just beginning to walk for her birthday. We had quite the time keeping her in range of the camera with the backdrop. She did great and we have some fun pictures to show for it. Thanks to my friend Tammy and her daughter Lauren for loaning us the beautiful tutu!

Grammy bought Katelynn a 1st Birthday Princess onesie that she wore after pictures. It was so perfect! We went out for dinner at our favorite cheese-free pizza place, Sgambati's in DePere, where we feasted on garlic knots and stromboli with Gran & Grandpa, Grammy & Grandpa, and Uncle Jay & Aunt Jamie.

Later that evening, Uncle Jeff, Aunt Natalie, and Allison flew in from Kansas City. This was Allison's first flight and trip to visit us! After talking and holding Allison until the early morning, we all headed to bed.

Saturday morning, the girls got to see each other again, cute matching pajamas, too! Jason made his famous French Toast for all of us to enjoy. YUMMY! Come visit us and he'll wow you with his expert ability!

Then, it was time for the party!

Katelynn's Cake (made with ♥ by Mommy & Grammy)

At first, she wasn't quite sure what to do with the cake...

But as you can tell, she started to get the hang of it!
And then, she started eating it! How fun!
Then, it was time for a quick bath and outfit change so she could open presents.
Fresh from the bath

Her first set of cars from Will & Ben

A Tinkerbell couch that folds out with a sleeping bag from Gran & Grandpa

A Princess Photo Frame from Grammy & Grandpa

Little People Farm from Great Gran
The Princess of the Party
God's Little Princess Devotional Bible & Dress from Uncle Jay & Aunt Jamie

A beautiful handmade blanket from Gigi and Big Papa

Ben & Will

Katelynn, Daddy, & Logan

Shanna, Melanie, Devin, Kim & Madison
Clothes from Gran & Grandpa
Katelynn's friend Logan

Her first tutu from Great Uncle Wes & Bill- which she wore for the rest of the party!

Special thanks to our great family and friends who made the day so special: Melanie, Devin, Logan & Aubrey; Kim and Madison; Shanna and Harrison; Great Uncle Gary, Great Aunt Teresa, Will & Ben; Uncle Jay & Aunt Jamie; Gran & Grandpa; Grammy & Grandpa; Uncle Jeff, Aunt Natalie and Allison. And, all of you who couldn't be with us! Thank you very much! ♥

After the party, we enjoyed some quiet time before dinner.

Sunday was Katelynn's dedication at church, we were blessed to have most of the family in town, thanks to Uncle Gary and Aunt Teresa for coming, we enjoyed it, especially because Aunt Teresa wasn't feeling too hot and Uncle Gary needed to be back in Minneapolis in time for the Steelers game! :)

A traditional Post-Dedication feast at a Chinese Buffet

After lunch, our friends Rob, Shanna and Harrison came over so Rob could take some family pictures (as I posted earlier). That was super fun! Thanks again! :)

Then, we tried to relax and play a little bit...

Our weekend celebration ended Monday morning with trips to the airport to send off Jeff, Natalie & Allison at well before dawn, and Grammy and Grandpa on Jason's way to work. Thank you for coming to celebrate Katelynn's birthday - it was so much fun!