Tuesday, October 18, 2011

XLV...Game Time

Introductions...Go Pack!

Christina Aguilera sang the National Anthem

WOW!  What a sight!

Coin Toss

Our signature pose, this time with $10 beer :) 

This fantastic cheesehead sat in-front of Jason...as you can imagine, they were best friends!
Jason politely asked her to deflate her cheesehead in the 3rd quarter, so he could see the game. 

Touchdown...right in front of us!!! 

Leading at halftime!

We were excited to be part of the halftime show!!

We aced it! 

The Black Eyed Peas were out of this world.  I know lots of people who watched the game on TV complained about the halftime show, but let me tell you...it was fantastic.  It really is better in person!  ♥

Started to scream (louder!) when Usher appeared out of nowhere!!!!!!

As the time ticked down...we got really excited!!!

We were ready to celebrate!!!

Our old friend, the trophy being carried onto the field!!! 

Final score...GO PACK!

The celebration begins!!

Aaron Rodgers...MVP!

Monday, October 17, 2011

XLV... part two

You can only imagine how excited we are right now...
This is on our walk into the stadium from one of the hundreds of "parking lots"

And then, we hurry up and wait....

In these fabulous waiting areas...

So, we watched the big screen TV of entertainment...

Thankfully, it was sunny and a lot warmer than it had been!

And, then there was this little thing about the Lombardi trophy being on display...

We were SO EXCITED to see it...and then 
thinking about how cool it would be if the Packers won it!

And that Aaron Rodgers could be holding this very trophy in a few short hours!

After standing in line for HOURS without food or drink, we were so happy to get some lunch!  Check out those prices!  ♥

Pepsi Max was one of the Super Bowl sponsors, and we got to participate in some fun...

And we make it inside....
Oh my goodness, what a sight...

Then it became so real, it was an amazing experience to see!

Happily seated and awaiting the game to start!
Who knew we would be sitting two seats away from Jason's Doctor and just a few seats away on the other side were 4 other friends.  Such a small world!

Our view of the small screen facing the endzone!  :)