Saturday, February 4, 2012

May 2011

We started out by celebrating May Day.  We spent Saturday, April 30th decorating, shopping, and cooking our May Day baskets.  We made two special deliveries to two very special homes.  Katelynn and I had so much fun!  Katelynn loved the secret fun!  ♥  Katelynn and Jason enjoyed some racing fun, going to the Tuesday practice sessions and making housecalls to inspect cars and take photographs.  On one busy Thursday night, my dear friend Beth babysat Katelynn (where she had so much fun with Devon) swimming and playing!  At the end of the month, we had a wonderful visit from Uncle Bryan, Aunt Georgia and Jeanette.  We had a lovely dinner at the greatest place on earth...Lambeau Field!

April 2011

April was just as much fun...big girl bed...cookies, hanging out with Ann & Ben (twice!), easter egg hunts, and Grandpa's birthday!  ♥

The rest of March

You can see we kept busy...snow, no snow.  A trip to Chicago was the highlight of the rest of the month, to Ikea to get a big girl bed!  This is one of the last pictures with a crib in her room.  On our trip, we enjoyed a wonderful lunch with Erin and her adorable tribe of boys!  ♥