Monday, March 29, 2010

February Fun

The snow finally started to melt and Katelynn loved to help shovel the fresh snow...

She loves to play hide and seek. She'll hide almost everyday when I get home from work. She says "I go hide Momma! Find me!" Or, she'll change it up and say, "You hide Momma," and drag me into the closet! ♥

Jason and I enjoyed a 30th birthday party for my friend Melanie. We went out for dinner at Nakashima's and enjoyed some cocktails with Amy, Mike & Kim!

For Valentine's Day, Katelynn gots lots of mail and she enjoyed her new toys, clothing, and candy! She especially loved the Elmo cards. Jason and I celebrated our 9th Valentine's Day at the new Italian Bistro in Appleton, Carmella's.

And, we got some fab gifts from our Mimi from the Container Store, too! ♥

Katelynn loves her Elmo...she wants to bring him everywhere!

Bye Bye Grammy & Grandpa!

Sunday noon came much too quickly for Grammy and Grandpa and for Katelynn, too! After lunch, they had to head back to Milwaukee to catch their flight back to Kansas City. But not before they got some special loving from Katelynn ♥

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fabulous at Thirty!

I had the most fabulous birthday celebration ever!!!! Turning 30 on Friday, January 29th was quite the adventure. It began with 8 hours at work where everyone wore black, except me who wore white! I had flowers and balloons waiting for me at my desk. Everyone who walked into our office that day knew it was my birthday and that I was 30! We celebrated with a yummy lunch and homemade cake. Super fabulous...then it was time to go home!

Jason, Katelynn and Meghan milled around the house while I watched TV, trying to pass the time. Then all of a sudden it was time to open presents and go for "dinner." I knew something was up...but didn't know what. And on our way to "dinner" we stopped at the Stone Yard to "pick up" my brother. At that moment, I realized this is where the party is!

My Mil and Meghan's Mil

The Pirate Party was a lot of fun, bandanas, bracelets, eye patches, and of course my special hat!

I was so glad that my darling girlfriends came with their husbands!!! Except, I only got a picture of Mel and Dale...
Me and Amy
I was super excited to see Ron and Beth!

And I started jumping up and down when my college girls showed up!!!!!

And of course, the man who made it all possible...♥

My biggest shock was that my darling in-laws came for the party, too! They hopped a flight Friday morning and hung out at my parents house until the party. Then, they brought Katelynn home to bed, and were at our house to celebrate later! ♥

And what birthday celebration isn't complete without a trip to Rico's for breakfast!

On Saturday, we got to hang out with Grammy and Grandpa, Maggie and Erica, and celebrate Meghan's birthday! ♥

Dinner at Margaritas! ♥