Sunday, August 30, 2009

♥ Meghan ♥

This post is severely overdue. If you frequent Tinkerbell's blog, you have seen numerous pictures of Katelynn and"Mimi" together. Meghan is the sweetest person you will ever meet and one of my best friends. I met Meghan almost three years ago, when she started working at my office. 40+ hours a week sitting next to each other blossomed into a wonderful friendship. I am truly blessed to have her in my life. I would be pleased if Katelynn turned out to be half as wonderful as she is.

Meghan couldn't resist the beautiful basement bedroom with the huge family room and Plasma TV, so she moved in. We couldn't be happier having her with us. Katelynn has a new BFF and affectionately calls her "Mimi!" Everyday as we leave to go to Angie's, Katelynn sees Meghan's car and screams "Mimi! (at the top of her lungs) Mimi's car...bye Mimi!!"

She makes a super yummy spinach and artichoke dip but I'm not certain she knows how to make anything else. I do know that she has a vintage game of Life that I am dying to play. She has reminded me of my college days living with Erin and Chelsa, staying up until all hours of the night laughing and talking and having fun.

Thanks to you, I've added drinking coffee to my morning routine! And I couldn't be any happier about it! ♥

Green Bay Packers

My dearest friend Maggie and I enjoyed the first pre-season Packer game on Saturday, August 15th. I'm a little behind with the blogging, but maybe you saw the album on Facebook! Here's just a small glimpse at our evening at Lambeau Field. If you'd like, I'd love to show you all 600 pictures! ♥

Sunday, August 16, 2009

19 Months

Another month has managed to fly by! Katelynn is learning new things everyday. She knows that a cow says moo, though she has no interest in what any other animal says. If you say something to her, she just might repeat it!

More than anything she has taken quite an interest in her baby doll. She will feed her, rock her, sing to her, kiss her, hug her, have you give kisses to the baby, wrap her in a blanket and carry her all around the house. She also climbs everything in sight! She can climb unassisted onto the couch, dining room chairs, high chair, bar stools, and nearly the bed. Thankfully, she hasn't mastered that one, yet! Oh dear! ♥

Katelynn is very independent and she loves to help. She always is bringing your shoes to you, then you can bring her outside to play!

If she doesn't want to do something, like sitting in her high chair at a restaurant, she is usually persuaded by helping one of us with something. Today we tried the "pass the coaster" game. She would pass them back and forth between us and that kept her entertained until our food came.

Katelynn has taken an interest in potting training, which came as a surprise to us, but we are embracing it and hoping she continues to be interested in using the potty.

New words include: Jeff, cracker, and milk. She loves to go boating and is looking forward to a stellar PACKER season. Today, she was using the new pom pom that I got at the game last night. She is probably going to be a cheerleader!

We are so blessed to have this little princess in our lives. She makes life worth living! ♥

Uncle Jeff, Aunt Natalie & Allison are Here...Day 4

The fourth and final installment of our wonderful visit with Uncle Jeff, Aunt Natalie and our beautiful niece Allison. ♥ We spent most of the day at home, except for a quick trip to Simon's to get some yummy cheese. The girls had a great time playing in the pool!