Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The NEW Zoo!

On Sunday, Katelynn slept really, really late! We had been up past 11 pm on Saturday evening, watching the fireworks at Gran & Grandpa's house. I heard Katelynn make some noise in her crib at about 6:30 am and decided she needed a little more sleep than that! I thought she would go back to sleep for maybe an hour - the next time I heard her, it was 10:00!!! Jason and I had slept in, too - and we completely missed church! We never needed an alarm clock, because we have Tinkerbell!

So, since we had already missed church, we wondered what we could do. We decided we would go to the NEW Zoo in Suamico. This was Katelynn's first trip to a Zoo, even though we had seen some giraffes when we were on vacation in Wisconsin Dells. Here are some pictures from our first trip to the Zoo...

They had a great petting zoo. I was thankful Katelynn didn't have any interest in feeding the animals. I didn't want animal slobber all over me. The goats were very excited to see Katelynn. Katelynn did not feel the same way, however!

I love cocks on the loose! It reminds me of Fiji and the roaming peacocks at the Eco Park. One of several we saw!

The bird exhibit was enclosed with nets, so we were able to walk in. The pond had lots of sweet little duckies. Katelynn said hi to all of them. She ♥'s Ducks!
There was even a bald eagle inside the bird exhibit.

One of the coolest animals was the moose! There were two of them, enjoying the shade on a hot day!

This picture is maining for Grammy. Katelynn was doing her turkey call and look who appeared!

If you look closely, you can see her tongue on the right side of her mouth. She is making the turkey call noise! HA!
After we had toured the zoo, we took the train ride. Katelynn loved the train and didn't want to get out after we were done! She said Hi! to everyone that we went past!

Look! Another roaming cock... ♥

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Natalie said...

Aunt Sandy, can we go to the zoo when I come up? Love you your favorite niece Allison.