Monday, February 16, 2009

13 Months

Katelynn is 13 months old today! Jason and I can hardly believe it. It feels like I say that every month. We are constantly amazed by this little princess. She stole our hearts almost 2 years ago, when we found out I was pregnant. From that moment on, it's always been about her. We love this little girl so much! Words can't describe how silly she is - you just have to experience her in person!

Katelynn walks everywhere. She doesn't crawl at all anymore, she's much too big for that! She opens doors and closes them. She actually perfers to close the door with you on the other side of it. She giggles when you ask where she is! She opens every drawer and cabinet that we own. (with or without locks on it) She loves to open the bottom drawer in our bathroom and take out my bottle of nail polish and carry them around the house, along with a manicure set that she carries as a purse.

She loves to dump out Gus & Diva's water. Usually, we have their water bowl barricaded by two kitchen chairs. Sometimes, she outsmarts us and water goes everywhere!

She pushes every button on the cable box, DVD player, subwoofer and receiver. She loves any remote control or phone. She has 4 phones of her own, but truly she wants a cell phone or the home phone. Nothing is too good for her.

Katelynn loves to throw her cheerios all over the floor. She loves to throw her sippy cup on the floor.

She loves to play with the mouse and keyboard in the office and play with all the pens on our desk. She loves the sparkly ones best. She loves to dig through my purse and take everything out.

She likes to escape from her highchair at restaurants. She likes to talk to everyone she meets. She likes to hide things at Gran & Grandpa's house. She pretends to be shy - don't let her fool you - she's not!

She shakes her head (to say no) when she means to be saying yes. She says yes, but thankfully, she doesn't say no - she just shakes her head. She replies to questions when she wants to.

She'll jump from Mom to Dad and back to Mom in a matter of 10 seconds. Either she isn't quite sure what she wants or she changes her mind very quickly.

Katelynn will lure strangers over to talk to her - she'll wave, laugh, giggle, and smile. As soon as they come near her, she pretends to be shy and she stares at them. As soon as they turn to walk away she says bye bye and she'll wave. She thinks this is very funny!

Katelynn loves her kitchen - truly loves it. She would be lost without it. I fear she may love Tupperware just as much as I do. Katelynn loves to play, she'll cry when you tear her away from her favorite toy (at the moment) and move on to something else.

We have been blessed with a wonderful little girl and treasure each moment.


Natalie said...

such a cutie pie! We love you Katelynn! Uncle Jeff, Aunt Natalie and Allison. :)

Melanie said...

Happy 13 months! Looks like she is getting into EVERYTHING! That's great! Enjoy this time!