Thursday, July 10, 2008

Happy Independence Day!

We spent the 4th of July weekend in Minneapolis. We were in town to celebrate Will & Ben's 2nd Birthday and Jason had a race at I-94 Raceway in BFE, MN. We carpooled with Grandpa and Gran, Katelynn sure enjoyed sitting in the back with Mommy and Daddy. She was spoiled!

We even got to see Great Gran!

While Grandpa and Daddy were at the race track...We went swimming!

Katelynn met Great Uncle Wes...
and Great Uncle Bill, too!

We celebrated Will and Ben's 2nd Birthday! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Great Gran cracked Katelynn up while she blew the party horn!

Katelynn loves her cereal

Ben was so sweet to Katelynn, bringing her toys to play with

Will showed toys to Katelynn, too. They are so cute - they say Baby Katelynn!

We'll get to visit Great Aunt Teresa, Uncle Gary, Will and Ben when we visit MN again at the beginning of August. We'll be in town to celebrate my friend Erin's wedding! :)

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