Tuesday, October 30, 2012

September 2011

 Little Katelynn!
 1st go-kart ride

 A fun day at Bay Beach 

Packers vs Saints Kickoff Game!!!
 We ran into Christina, John, Caleb & Eli in a huge crowd of people!

 My mom watched Katelynn while we were at the game...she wanted to know who this scruffy guy was.  We told her it was Kid Rock.  She said, "I know who Kid Rock is....who was the scruffy guy?"  Since when does my mom know who Kid Rock is!??!!  And Adam Levine was not scruffy.  :)

Cheering on the 2011 Plymouth Track Champion - Uncle Brad!

 Having a great day at Slinger Super Speedway, cheering on our friend Wayne, who won the track championship!

 Playing with the kiddos at the races...

 Making corn salsa!

 After her 1st dance class!

 A fun weekend in Ashland with Great Gran Tutu!

Silly girl!

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