Friday, October 23, 2009

♥...Kansas City...♥

Last Friday morning at 4:45 AM, we left our house for our trip to Kansas City! Since we usually fly Midwest, we had a pretty short trip and landed just before 10:00, which isn't bad, since we left Appleton at 6:00!

Big Papa Charlie and Grammy picked us up at the airport. Katelynn is such a good traveler and loves to fly! We are very blessed!

As one would expect, we had lunch at Big Q, Jason's favorite BBQ on the way home from the airport. The purpose for our trip was to celebrate Allison's first birthday, our adorable and totally fabulous niece! ♥

Once we got settled at Grammy and Grandpa Shultz's house, I went over to help Natalie make cake and cupcakes for Allison's party...but not before I got to play with Little Miss Sophia!

Katelynn had a ball playing with Sophia. Oh, the fun we have while we are in town! While Jason played with the girls at Grammy's, I helped Natalie make some yummy cupcakes, cake and food for Allison's birthday party. And, without the baby hog (Jason) there to steal my sweet niece...I had her all to myself! ♥

Before long, Jeff was home from work and then Grammy, Grandpa, Jason and Katelynn arrived with dinner. The girls took an impromptu bath together and then we headed back to Grammy's and off to bed! ♥

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