Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Snow is falling...

The snow hasn't stopped falling since Thanksgiving, so you'd think I'd have the time to upload some pictures and update to the blog. It sounds good, right?

Katelynn has been sick since Friday, which hasn't been fun for anyone! She has been in pretty good spirits, though. Saturday morning she crawled into bed with Daddy long enough for a few cute pictures and then it was time to see what St. Nick had left us.

Katelynn seemed to be interested in her treasures from St. Nick, so we are curious to see how she reacts to more presents on Christmas. After lunch, as Katelynn played with her first doll (Thanks Great Gran!), we went to get our Christmas tree early in the afternoon. Turns out, it was just a little taller than the ceiling! Katelynn enjoyed helping us decorate and she played with her Nativity set, too.

Daddy and Katelynn hung the first ornament on the tree, Tinkerbell!

Sunday night we went to a Disney Christmas party at a clients' home. Each year they invite their friends to join them in celebrating the holidays. They have six different Disney-themed trees and at the end of the party, each child receives their own Disney ornament. This was the first year that we attended. Katelynn got this beautiful Tinkerbell ornament from Buddy and Shirley. We had a great time!

In addition to a few Tinkerbell ornaments, we added our initials this year, too.

Katelynn still loves to stand, but she isn't quite walking yet. She loves to crawl to the refrigerator and play with the magnets. Her favorite is the Green Bay Packers schedule from our realtor, Lori Dibbs. She is always carrying it around the house with her.

And what day is complete without cuddling with Daddy?

Grammy thinks that we've opened the presents she sent us. But, here are two pictures of the envelope in question, sitting unopened under our Christmas tree.

To cap off the evening, Gran, Grandpa and Uncle Jay came over for a little photo shoot for the Abitz Family christmas card. Here are two cute pics of Katelynn.


Natalie said...

Hope Miss Katelyn's feeling better, Allison just started feeling better yesterday, we're still sleeping a lot but she's able to breathe easier.

Natalie said...

The Kitty stockin was actually down stairs. :) But she does have one.