Friday, October 17, 2008

9 Months

Katelynn is 9 months old! Just this week she has started nodding her head in agreement (so cute), she claps, and she waves. We have been blessed with a sweet little angel!

Last Sunday, we spent the afternoon on the Fox River, enjoying what could have been the last beautiful day. We saw some awesome fall colors and enjoyed basking in the sun on the boat. Even though that was only five days ago, it seems much longer. This week has been so busy and we've all been sick. Tuesday night was the only night I was home, so that makes things a little hectic.

We finally got our new couch for the basement, in perfect time for this weekend's Packer game! It promises to be more comfortable than the bleacher seats at Lambeau with Maggie. :(

We went to the doctor this afternoon for her 9 month check up. Dr. Hunt says she is perfect! Katelynn weighs 19 pounds, 10 ounces (66%); is 28.25 inches long (75%) and her head is 44.5 cm (66%).


Exploring the boat

Sleeping in Mom's arms

Gran drove the boat!
Katelynn's first bandaid - she didn't seem to mind the blood pouring out of her finger!

She stands everywhere!

Queen of the highchair

Playing in the leaves at Angie's

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