Tuesday, September 16, 2008

8 Months ago today...

Princess Katelynn is 8 months old! We can hardly believe it. She has changed so much! Grammy and Grandpa Shultz spent the weekend with us and they were amazed at her progress since they saw her in July.

In the last month...
Katelynn has learned to crawl!
Katelynn has mastered squealing!
Katelynn babbles constantly!
Katelynn says Mom, Mama, Hi, Bob, Yeah, Daa(so close to Dad!), Gra Mamamama!
Katelynn is pulling up and trying to stand!
Katelynn lunges!
Katelynn can drink and drench herself from a sippy cup!

Her motor skills are outstanding! She "acts" for the crowd. Her face lights up in delight and frowns when she doesn't like something. She loves her fruit and vegetables. She knows who is a stranger and who is a friend. She is a Princess!

Save the date: Katelynn's Princess Birthday Party is going to be Saturday, January 17, 2009. The planning has begun!

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Natalie said...

Oh, we can't wait to see her! We'll be there, I just got it approved at work to have that weekend off!! Just think there'll be 3 of us then!